About BlockHack

BlockHack is a 3 day hackathon, aiming to combine the efforts of entrepreneurs and developers and promote growth of blockchain-related projects and ventures. We are looking for hackers and teams to work on creative and innovative ways of applying blockchain technology.

Join the discord here: https://discord.gg/pSnhCr5y

Teams can may use any blockchain platform during the hackathon

Top placing teams may be selected to present their project submissions at the DecodingTech.Zone conference and/or the Digital Health Conference 2023

BlockHack wants to help you, a Developer, Entrepreneur, or Investor, navigate through the Blockchain landscape.

For Developers

  • Learn about the latest tools in blockchain development
  • Add to your dev portfolio
  • Gain experience working on real blockchain projects

For Beginners

  • Learn how to create working blockchain apps

For Entrepreneurs

  • Build a working app for your existing project
  • Find developers who want to work with you
  • Showcase your projects to potential investors

For Investors

  • Scope new and exciting projects
  • Watch hacker teams present their projects
  • Attend the BitAngels investor event.


BlockHack is made possible with the help and support from George Brown College


  • Teams can have from 2-5 members.
  • Individuals can only work on one team.
  • To be eligible for a submission you must:
    • have created or be a part of a project on DevPost. (See THIS guide for setting one up).
    • have linked your project to the BlockHack hackathon. (See THIS guide for setting one up).

Hackathon Sponsors


$CAD11,000 in prizes
Cryptocurrency logo Prizes paid in cryptocurrency

HyperCycle AI Challenge (5)
Cryptocurrency logo

Prizes - 1 team will win
- 1 Hyper AI Boxes per team member (& potential 3 month internship)
- $300 in USDC per person
- 1024 Hypercycle tokens (HYPC)

Challenge: AI Computing at the Edge with the HyperAiBox

> To get your own AI model (open-source or proprietary) running on a HyperCycle
> Present the results on Sunday
> Bonus for people who provide AI that could eventually run on the ARM-based
edge-computing hardware of the HyperAiBox

- We will provide you with SSH access to an AWS instance that will serve the AI
+ Your team will have the option of focusing on AI development, UI
development, or both
+ We will provide skeleton/example code for the AI server and the UI, use of
which is not required

- We will provide a way to wrap your AI into a container that runs on a HyperCycle
node running on AWS
- For an extra challenge, if you succeed in getting your AI working on an Intel-based
instance, you try to run it on AWS' ARM-based Graviton2

Present at Decoding Tech Zone conference (5)

Select teams will be invited to present the hackathon submissions at the Decoding Tech Zone conference at the Convention Center in Toronto/Brampton (October 27th 5pm-8pm). Submissions will be ranked on most impressive application for real world impact

Present at Digital Health Conference 2023

Select teams will be invited to present the hackathon submissions at the Digital Health Conference 2023 in downtown Toronto (October 26th 5pm-8pm). Submissions will have to relate blockchain technology with aspects of health care

Stablecorp QCAD Challenge (3)

Top three teams: free production use of Grapes API for life including tech support + feature in Stablecorp social media linked in and website.

First place: 50% of all FX and referral fees earned by Grapes on your app for 2 years

Second place: 25% of all FX and referral fees earned by Grapes on your app for 2 years

Third place: 10% of all FX and referral fees earned by Grapes on your app for 2 years

Community Voting Prize
Cryptocurrency logo

$1000 CAD in crypto. Voting tokens will be distributed to BlockHack participants, whereby people can vote on their preferred team submissions. Prizes will be distributed to teams based on the amount of voting tokens they received

Cryptocurrency logo

$1000 CAD + 1 million devcash

See bounties on https://devcash.dev/bountyplatform

Cryptocurrency logo

$1250 CAD in Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Most innovative app on Ethereum Classic - $1000 in ETC

Hackerboard Bounties - $250 in ETC

$250 worth of micro bounties for using and supporting hackerboard.xyz

XRP Ledger

$500 for the most innovative application built on XRPL

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Leonard Fiadzinu

Leonard Fiadzinu
Bitcoin Bay

Dann Toliver

Dann Toliver

Alex McDougall

Alex McDougall

Adit Patel

Adit Patel

Luka Lamaj

Luka Lamaj
Docere Health

Henry Kim

Henry Kim
York University

Robert Moir

Robert Moir

Derrick Nguyen

Derrick Nguyen
XRP Ledger

Jason Tigas

Jason Tigas
XRP Ledger

Judging Criteria

  • Innovative Solution
    Projects with creative ideas and smart usage of blockchain technology will rank highly in this category.
  • Functioning Code
    Projects with demonstrable functioning code, such as working apps and smart contracts will score highly in this category.
  • Real World Impact
    Projects that hold promise for impacting the real world, either economically or socially, will rank highly in this category. Especially if real world impact is demonstrated during BlockHack!

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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